Rendering future phones as image concepts is an ungrateful job, as rumor alterations are pouring in every day, so you have to always adjust and rework. When it comes to depicting all things future Apple, however, there is barely a more prominent graphics artist than one Martin Hajek. His designs are usually top-notch not only in terms of 3D-rendering mastery, but also in conveying the main rumors and leaks about an upcoming phone in the most plausible manner.

Especially adept at visualizing iPhones (artists and their love for all things Apple and Mac, you know), Martin Hajek has this time taken upon himself the heavy task of depicting the iPhone 8 based on the latest design leaks. So far, most renders envision a black or white iPhone 8 concept, as these are said to be the only basic colors for it, but this graphics artist takes it up a notch, and imagines what the iPhone 8 could look like with colored metal bands around it in piano black, rose gold, and other pertinent iPhone colors.View More Detail visit Telecom, IT and Mobile News Pakistan | Pakistani Mobile, Telocom, IT and Tech News